Saturday, September 04, 2004

Fun with Jack Chick #2


SJ said...

Now, I have some questions about this post. Jack that a cartoonist? Is it a pseudonym (for I know you are comically inclined)? Can you tell I'm not comic hip?

And what would Satan be doing with the GW mask? Is this saying that GW has been Satan all along and that he's merely cleaning his mask in preparation of 4 more years? That's what I see in this. Yes. That's it.

Irb said...

Heh! Jack Chick is a freaky, FREAKY cartoonist who does these little comic book tracts that rail against Satanists, homosexuals, evolution, Muslims, RPGs, Halloween, liberals, Catholics, Mormons, and basically any form of Christianity that differs from his extreme fundamentalism. When I was a kid, my church used to have a big display rack of his pamphlets (called “Chick Tracts”). I’d collect as many as I could, and then take them up to the balcony to read during the sermon.

You can see the original tracts at Go now, and feel the love.

SJ said...

Where have you gone?