Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Fun with Jack Chick #3


SJ said...

See? I mean what is that? Did he draw that? The pentagram in the oval office? WTF is that supposed to mean? Again, I'm fearing for my life here.

Irb said...

The original picture came from Dark Dungeons, a creepy little story about a girl whose experiences with Dungeons & Dragons are just the first step on a slippery slope leading to witchcraft and devil worship.

I kept the picture, but I changed the caption and all of the dialog. Why? Because, as God is my witness, I thought it would be funny.

The original caption read: "The intense occult training through D&D prepared Debbie to accept the invitation to enter a witches' coven."

The first priest originally said: "I've brought Elfstar to become a priestess and witch."

The second priest orginally said: "Welcome, Elfstar. You're now a priestess of the craft, and of the Temple of Diana."

All references to the Oval Office and Election 2004 are a product of my diseased mind.

SJ said...

Oh, okay. You're jes frontin' me wit yo cahtoon naledge. I'm down wit dat.

cracker said...

Gee, I took it to mean Bush is a Rush 2112 fan.

Now that Bush won, I have a few animal sacrifices to attend to. I'm hoping my wife won't miss the dog too much.

What's going to happen to Air America now. That was some of the best comedic radio I have ever heard. I'm sure going to miss it.