Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ann Coulter - A Pictoral Study

Ah, Ann Coulter. Hardly a day goes by that she doesn't shit her opinion into her hand and fling it at the rest of us. With her Celine Dion good looks, her hissing-roach-filled vagina, and her fashionable outfits sewn from the tanned hide of Bangledishi orphans, Ms. Coulter is often hailed as "the most attractive conservative in the U.S." (which is sort of like being the tallest midget or the oldest Michael Jackson victim).

But enough about Ann Coulter the pundit. It's time to learn a little more about Ann Coulter the... um... woman. Who is she? What are her dreams? What makes her smile? What's with that damn Adam's apple?

All pictures taken from All captions supplied by me. And did I mention the Adam's apple? What's up with that?


SJ said...

A HA! You are still alive! Hurray. I'm going to see Al Franken 'in concert' tomorrow night, I do so hope he rags on her because hers were my favorite chapters in his book.

Anonymous said...

What is WITH her hands?? Alien? Or perhaps Marfan's Syndrome? Alien=she might go back to the home planet. Marfan's, she might die early. Ah, well, either way, I feel like a winner.

Anonymous said...

Ann coulter is all man, she's a man and that is why so many republicans love her.. they want to pull some jerky!

Anonymous said...

When youre a liberal and get butthurt at everything, and resort to insulting looks ^