Friday, September 24, 2004

More Vegas Pics

Sean and Laura at the House of Blues.

Wait! This isn't Blue Man Group!

The acid kicked in. Oooooh shiiiiiiit!!!!!

The borg is holding Laura's bat. She can be very persuasive.

It's me and Laura! Um, and the bat!

Come and knock on our doooooor...


Finally. A reason to get out of bed on Sunday mornings.

Ah, Laura. Mi amora.

Nice rack!

I pose outside the Liberace Museum, where I was mauled and stripped by a bunch of old people.

The ceiling of the Liberace Museum. You know, where I was mauled and stripped by a bunch of old people.

Hello, sailor.


SJ said...

The Borg is way cool. My mom (while in Vegas) went to the Star Trek thing and she was walking the wrong way or something and a Borg was calling her like this: "Female Unit...Female Unit..." The thought of that cracks me up whenever I think about it. What was your favorite casino--atmosphere wise?

Irb said...

Yeah, there was some guy in a Klingon costume chatting up the line while we were waiting to get in. The thing is, I'm not 100% sure he actually worked at the hotel. He *might* have just been some guy who brought his costume to the Hilton. It was all very Ren Faire.

Atmosphere-wise, I really, REALLY liked the faux-Egyptian look at the Luxor. The Bellagio was really nice too, actually on the verge of being classy and tasteful (no mean trick in Vegas!).

By far, my favorite Vegas moment was watching the fountains in front of the Bellagio while Frank Sinatra's "Luck Be a Lady Tonight" played in the background. Too cool :D

SJ said...

I bet you thought no one paid attention. Your new title...whaaaaaaa?

Irb said...

What can I say? It was probably just a desperate cry for attention.