Wednesday, June 29, 2005

"Mr. President, I do believe your pants are on fire."


John said...

I've gone back and read your entire archive. I need this place. I don't get to be too political on my blog, because my girlfriend is one of them, but I did vent my bowel-emptying frustration back in November.

I also spent most of today reading reading those crazy-ass Chick Tracts. Namely, "The Wall" and "Dark Dungeons," which are hilarious, and "That Crazy Guy," which is insanely horrible. And boy does he have a hate on for Catholics. According to that guy, the Catholic Church has a giant computer with the names of every Protestant in the world for use in a future Inquistion, plus they created the Islamic religion to fight the Jews, oversaw the Holocaust, created the Ku Klux Klan, and aided the devil in distorting the words of the bible. Oh, and every pope has been part of a long line of antichrists.

That guy must need a warehouse to store all his crazy.

mr. schprock said...

Man! I don't read the newspaper for a little while and all of a sudden I find out George W. got re-elected? What happened to Kerry? Wasn't he supposed to win? Wasn't Dubya's bungling exposed for the whole nation to see?

Let's hope the Catholics focus on him first.

Sylvana said...

*shaking head in disbelief*

Awe, why can't people see him for what he really is? He lies so much, you'd think he'd at least be good at it by now.

Gordy said...

I always struggle when reading this sort of post, although I do support people's right to free speech.

When I was coming over here in March, I decided in preparation to try to read one of Michael Moore's books, Dude..where's my country.

I read a bunch of stuff about how bad Bush is, how he could never win, how none liked him, how everyone agreed with Michael's outlook, then two years later he goes and gets re-elected with one of the biggest popular marorities ever.

Now I don't intend to start a political shitstorm, because really I don't care for the most part; but I do find it interesting that despite everything he has allegedly done, how much people think he sucks, etc; why would he get voted in by the biggest popular majority of any president ever..surely there comes a time when you (the country) have to stand behind your decision until you have an opportunity to change it at the next election.

BTW this goes for any country or major corporate in the world.

Irb said...

Maybe I'm just mathmatically retarded, but I don't really understand how 51% to 49% constitutes "the biggest popular majority of any president ever."

Granted Bush did receive a record number of votes, but so did Kerry. The remarkable thing about the election wasn't how many people voted for Bush. It was how many people turned out to vote, period.

As for standing behind our president whether or not we agree with him, I find the people who cry loudest about dissension these days are the same ones that spent the 1990s railing against Bill Clinton.

I didn't vote Bush into office either time, and I have never supported the war in Iraq. And I don't think I should be expected to jump on board and play cheerleader now.

DrMax said...

Irb, I used to think it was easy to see through all this Republican bluster. But after the last election I don't know anymore.

Rove calling liberals wimps, Bush saying the phrase "9/11" about 5,000 times in one speech seem obvious to me to be political pandering. Yet it gets the juices flowing for the "everyone is against us" fundamentalist right. And damn it, it makes them show up and vote for these idiots!

Us lefties and centrists have got to stop being so impressed with our ability to see through this B.S. and figure out a way to get more of our asses to the polls.

SJ said...

Gordy, as it turned out, the issue of gay marriage (on the ballot in something like 11 states) was really what put Bush in the win column. People here hate gays more than liked Kerry.

SJ said...

And John, the Chick tracts scaaarrrreeee me. (sorry for the crosstalk on your blog, Irb.) :)

Gordy said...

My bad, popular majority was probably the wrong phrase, popular votes was probably the right one..but anyhoo I think Dr Max said it better than me!

SJ said...

Irb, you gotta go here and read this from The Rude Pundit. It's entitled Why Anne Coulter is a Cunt, Part 1856. I thought of you, obviously.

Sandi said...

May the Gods help us, the dumbass gets his wish, and we as a nation get screwed for many years to come. Hope we can all make it through the dark ages.

If it weren't obvious I am refering to Sandra retiring.

Boidy said...

as my good friend Irb says: "bush is either a retard, or he plays one convincingly enough to endear himself to the red states"