Monday, June 27, 2005

A Little More Virtual Narcissism

By the time I post this, it may not even be true any more. But for the moment, if you do a Google Search on Chris Irby, I show up at the very top of the list!

Oddly enough, if you put my name in quotes, I show up fifth on the list, behind a sports writer named Chris Irby and a couple of football players named Chris Irby. I had no idea my name was so athletic...


SJ said...

There is a British long distance runner with my name (maiden name). She's written loads of books, it seems. The rest are just long dead people in family tree, 'descendants of Jebediah this, Hezekiah that" sites. Men are so lucky they never have to change their names. Magnificent bastards.

mr. schprock said...

I just want you to know that I am taking the time to read your entire blog in chronological order, starting with your first post. I just finished April, 2004. Man! I think I'm a fairly good reader, always with the antenna out for awkward sentences, misspellings, bad grammar, fluff, and all the other literary boo-boos I commit all the time, but don't want deal with as a reader. You've got it, brother! How you did all that in just one month astounds me! Looking forward to reading more. Soon I'm going to learn how to make the favorite blog links thing on my blog (whatever it's called), and you'll be there.

Rachael said...

Wait... Wait... is that your ego I see getting bigger? Great.


Irb said...

SJ: You ought to buy up a bunch of those books and leave them in prominent view to impress your guests. If they ask, tell them you gave up running and moved to the states to raise a family ;)

Mr. Schprock: Thanks, pal! I dig your stuff too, and you're already on my favorites list. Just glad I was finally able to put all those years of anal-retentive English majoring to good use.

I think you'll find the amount of content slacks off from time to time. But usually SJ comes along and shames/coerces/sweetalks me into writing again. She is my muse and mentor in all things bloggy :)

Rachael: Aw, honey. Now that's not fair. I'm sure if you got to know me, you'd realize that I am perhaps the most humble person to walk this earth since the Lord Jesus Christ Himself!!! :)

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