Saturday, May 14, 2005

My Computer Died... AGAIN!

Back in February, after a particularly nasty storm, my PC blew up.


I turned it on, and sparks and smoke came out the back of it. Turns out the power supply had just given up the ghost. So I replaced it, and everything seemed hunky dory.

But now, there's something else wrong. The goddamn thing is stuck in eternal reboot. It gets to the Windows XP loading screen, and then it shuts off and reboots. Again and again and again and again, until I finally pull the fucking plug on it.

So while I try to figure out just what the hell's wrong with it THIS time, I've dragged this archaic Amish piece of shit out of the closet and I'm using it for Internet access and e-mail.

God, it's painful. This PC is so hideously out of date that it keeps insisting it needs to download 20 meg of updates. Unfortunately, it can't seem to get past 211K without hanging up.

For some reason, this PC is also incapable of loading an entire web page. It always gets down to 1 or 2 items remaining, and then it just sits there helplessly, like Bush in a goddamn spelling bee. I've been waiting 30 minutes for it to load the tabs at the top of this page, so I can switch back and forth between HTML and the WYSIWYG editor. But no. Apparently is something that this computer will NEVER be able to download, no matter how hard it tries.


Anyway, in case anybody's wondering, that's why I've been offline all week. Thanks to those of you who called to make sure I wasn't dead and rotting in my apartment.

Thanks for listening. You've been very therapeutic.


Boidy said...

awwwww {{{{{ Irbyyyyyyy}}}}}} I've missed you! - although, if your computer is dead again, you won't be reading this anyway...

Send me a message in a bottle or a smoke signal or something, I'm jonesing for Irbchat. *snif*whimper*

SJ said...

I'm glad to know you're just not slacking off the blog again. Whew.