Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Yeehaw! Take That, Gay People!

The Texas House of Representatives voted 101-29 in favor of banning same-sex marriage, because apparently two men getting married is just the first step on a slippery slope that will lead to YOUR CHILDREN huffing paint and blowing strangers in truck stop restrooms.

What's fucked up is that Texas doesn't even acknowledge same-sex marriages now! I have no idea why Warren Chisum and the rest of his klavern are even TRYING to make it an official amendment. But at least next time one of them is banging his mistress, he'll be able to brag about how he was instrumental in preserving the sanctity of marriage.

Of course, the debate turned into a religious argument, and where better to settle matters of faith than in the GODDAMN STATE CAPITOL? Chisum feels that God really hates homosexuals, and that all Christians should be encouraged to do likewise. After all, it's not like gay people REALLY love each other. The only reason they want to get married is to make the baby Jesus cry.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This is the same progressive bunch that had to be told by the Supreme Court that executing children and retarded people was wrong. But Monday marked a victory for the brain-dead right, and I can only assume the ceiling of the House Chamber was riddled with bullet holes as the representatives danced a jig and fired their sixguns into the air.

Sigh... sometimes I really hate this fucking state.


1 said...

"make baby Jesus cry"....I will be laughing about that for some time.

Irb said...

I can't remember where I first heard that expression, but I'm sure my Baptist upbringing is to blame ;-)