Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm Not Sure What This Is...

...but it's got spaceship battles, giant Godzilla-like women, and some guy who looks like Joey Butafucco's ugly brother. In other words, it's only THE GREATEST MOVIE IN THE HISTORY OF MAN-FUCKING-KIND!!!!!

Click it, then gaze in wonder...

***UPDATE: I did a Google on Gary Pranzo and found out that he runs a production company that specializes in fetish films about giant women. I'm kind of naive about fetishes, but I think this might be the best one ever.

Anyway, I linked to the trailer on his site so I could free up my meager web resources for more important things, like that gay slash Star Trek furry fan fiction I've been working on... NOW WITH GIANT UHURA!


SJ said...

Jeezus, where are these things found? The couch that the guy is sitting on (blue, velveteen of some kind from the La-Z-boy showroom) was classic as well.

And if I was one of those girls, I DEFINITELY would want to be shot with the camera at my feet, making me look about 200 pounds heavier than I really am. Nice choice, good one.

Irb said...

God, the guy on the couch drinking wine made me giggle like Bush at a gay funeral. "What do you want? No! Go away!"

And that one creepy chick with the long-ass fingernails? HOLY SHIT!!!

By the way, curiousity finally got the better of me and I did a Google on Gary Pranzo. Turns out he runs a production company that specializes in making fetish films about giant women. Most of them look downright creepy, but this Battle for Zantor still fills me with inexplicable glee :)