Monday, January 30, 2006

Soapbox Derby

I haven't been posting a lot of political stuff lately. I guess I've sort of lost my taste for it.

When I started blogging, I was angry about a lot of things. I was angry that our administration had rushed us to war, and only started worrying about a REAL rationale when the body count exceeded their retardedly optimistic estimates. I was angry that Bush and his Legion of Doom had taken us from our most prosperous to our most destitute, and were STILL trying to blame the whole thing on Clinton. I was angry that so many people had their heads so far up Bush's ass that they refused to admit that anything was wrong, and instead blamed the administration's problems on the liberal media, gay marriage, stem cells, Satan, the French, and women in the workplace. But mainly, I was pissed off that anyone who dared voice their disagreement with the president was immediately labeled a bad American who hated freedom and the baby Jesus.

And so I posted. And in my zeal to sound off, I demonized an entire political ideology. I made conservatives the enemy, and I railed against them like they were this vast organization of racists and zealots who refused to hold Bush accountable for anything he said or did because they couldn't remember more than two days into the past.

But since the election, I've started to move away from that mindset. I mean, don't get me wrong. I still think Karl Rove is so evil that he has four sixes on his fucking forehead, and George W. Bush is so stupid he couldn't outthink a crack baby with its head in a plastic bag. The fact that they're conservative has nothing to do with any of it.

I also think John Kerry is a meandering blowhard is more likely to think an issue to death than to take any definitive action, and Ted Kennedy is a disgusting, drunken lecher who in all likelihood got away with murder. The fact that they're liberal is irrelevent.

Both sides have their share of embarrasments and assholes, and it's just our nation's bad luck that the worst the conservatives have to offer have managed to seize power. It's also our bad luck that so many people are so mired down by liberal vs. conservative or Democrat vs. Republican that they'll blindly support their team rather than concern themselves with the good of the country.

I guess what I'm saying is, I'm all about despising the people and railing against the issues. But I'm tired of the whole "What is wrong with conservatives" and "That's the problem with you liberals" arguments. Liberalism and Conservatism are political ideologies, and nothing more. If you honestly believe any one side holds a monopoly on morality or integrity, then you're too fucking stupid to vote. Or operate a motor vehicle.

Or as Stephanie, who is both beautiful and wise beyond her years, once put it, "There are no good guys and bad guys. You just pick the side whose hypocrisy offends you least, and you stick with them."

Thanks for listening. You've been very therapeutic.


Farrago said...

Okay, political ideologies aside, I think screaming "FUCK BUSH" is gratifying on several levels, none of them necessarily political.

trinamick said...

I'm not much of a political nut, since I have had more stimulating conversations about the worst smelling cheese. But I'm always for railing about idiots and the sad state of affairs because of them. It doesn't do any real good, but it helps me not to go postal.

Plus, one of my bosses is a Democrat, the other a Republican. Politics isn't discussed much in these parts for the safety of all.

SJ said...

The talk radio lemmings always think they are the ONLY people who can POSSIBLY be right all the time. It drives me fucking crazy. I mean, they don't even LISTEN to the other side's point of view. They just talk louder and cut them off, mid-sentence. Drives me fucking crazy.

Oh, and yay Stephanie!

mr. schprock said...

I really love the Stephanie quote. It's so true.

I am not terribly political. I usually take my head out the sand for presidential and gubernatorial elections, then my awareness goes beddy-bye again. Still, I stand here in shock that George W. got elected a second time with all he was answerable for. And shame on Michael Moore for his hatchet-job film, Fahrenheit 9-11, which made me feel almost sympathetic to Bush and distrustful of liberals everywhere. What a country!

Sylvana said...

Nothing could make me sympathize with Bush. I've seen too much of him.

I have many conservative friends. We don't agree on many issues, but we get along because we believe in the most important issue: respect and kindness.

That being said, I still think Bush is one of the biggest asstards to walk the face of the Earth.

ix said...

I will always blame the cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

Irb said...

Farrago: I find it especially gratifying to scream it while I'm having lunch at my Grandma's house. Fortunately, she's hard of hearing, so I just tell her I'm yelling "Good luck, Bush!" And then I wait for her to go to sleep so I can steal her jewelry.

Trinamick: Gotta love the two-party workplace. Seems like every company I work for these days is about three steps to the right of Rush Limbaugh. Of course, that might be because I live in Texas, where even the Communists love the baby Jesus.

SJ: Stephen Colbert and David Cross did a brilliant parody of that the other night on the Colbert Report. Cross started off talking about minimum wage, and Colbert immediately brought up 9/11, accused Cross of hating firemen, and ordered his microphone cut. I giggled like Karl Rove at a puppy burning.


Mr. Schprock: I'm of a mixed mind on Farenheit 9/11. Yes, it's flawed and frequently just a bit too self-aggrandizing. But it was made at a time when even questioning the president made you a terrorist-loving traitor, so I think it was sorely needed to add a little perspective.

I don't agree with all of Moore's answers, but I am glad he was able to at least ask the questions.

Sylvana: A lot of my friends are conservative, but at least they're smart enough to know WHY they're conservative. As opposed to the Bush zombies, who just shamble around blindly with their heads up their asses. Or their asstard, if you will...

Ix: Good to have you back amongst the bloggers, buddy! But I'm going to have to ask you to have a little respect for the French. Just because they eat snails, don't bathe, and occasionally kill kittens for sport is no reason to denigrate their culture.

sideshow bob said...

How slanderous to accuse one of our elected officials of murder. It was leaving the scene of an not trying to save the woman who that such a crime?

Oh, I suppose it is. Never mind.