Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Set 'Em Up, Country Music!

Several months ago, I thought it would be funny to start referring to my friend Sean as "Country Music."

You see, Sean is as urbane and sophisticated as anyone raised in Garland could possibly be. He was metrosexual before anybody was ever using that word. So the idea of saddling Sean with the nickname "Country Music" made me giggle like Karl Rove at his mom's funeral.

At first, Sean was resistant to the idea. However, once his wife Laura joined me in my campaign to make the nickname stick, he decided to fight fire with fire. He announced that if I was going to call him "Country Music," he was going to call me "Buttercup."

So now both nicknames have stuck.

Sean has decided that "Country Music and Buttercup" would be a great name for a musical act, so for Christmas he made me this:

At this point, I feel I should mention:
  1. Sean really is one hell of a graphic artist.
  2. I don't really own a rhinestone-studded shirt. Those were added in post-production.
  3. Sean is married and I've got a girlfriend, which means we couldn't possibly be as gay as we look in that picture.
  4. If we ever really do take our musical act on the road, I want our first hit to be a cover of "Convoy." Or "Freebird."
I wanna thank y'all for coming out tonight, and remind you to be generous to your foodservers! You can catch us here at the Dover Airport Ramada every Wednesday night! And don't forget, tapes and CDs are available from the truck of our car after each show!

Goodnight, fillies and buckeroos! Drive carefully!


SJ said...

oh, please let the first single be "Convoy." Please. Oh, how I've longed for a comeback of that song.

Irb said...

"I said 'Big Ben, this here's the Rubber Duck and I'm about to put the hammer down.'"

mr. schprock said...

How about a battle of the bands with my new act, Spats and Redneck?

Irb said...

Or better yet, we could form a super group like Coverdale/Page or Damn Yankees! Then we could change the world with our power to ROCK!!!!

trinamick said...

I can pretty much guarantee that any cover you do is bound to be better than some of the bands we get here. If the words "Family Band" are in the name, that's two strikes right there.

T.L. Barker said...

When ya'll playing the Truckee, California Truck Stop and Feed on Route 5? I'm in there like swimwear. Yup!