Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The War on Christmas is OVER...

...and 2006 is underway. I've got to say, it looks to be a fairly promising year. I'm in love, I've got a job I enjoy, I've got a play debuting in March, and the Republican party is falling apart faster than Pat Robertson at a... well, faster than Pat Robertson, period!

Yeah, I know. Taking any joy in the plight of the current administration makes me a bad American who hates freedom and the baby Jesus. But I can't help it. Every time I remember Bush's promise to "restore honor and integrity" to the Oval Office, I just start giggling like Karl Rove at a puppy roasting.

Remember when things were so good in this nation that our biggest worry was whether or not our president got a blow job? Sigh. Good times.


Okay, I held out as long as I could, but I finally had to turn on the word verification option because I was getting sick and tired of spammers posting messages like:

You have a really good blog about banjos and Jesus. If you want to read more about banjos and Jesus, come check out my blog at http://hotwetsluts.horndog.com.

I swear, they're not even trying anymore. I used to get e-mails with titles like "Here are those stamps you ordered..." and when I'd click, I'd suddenly be inundated with oily vaginas. Pictures, I mean.

But now, those spams all have stupid fucking headings like "whisper theocracy underwear." No pride in their work. That's why people have no respect for spammers.

Well that, and their penchant for sending pictures of oily vaginas to total strangers. But mainly the pride thing.

So anyway, if you want to post from now on, you'll have to type one of those horribly disfigured words into a box. That's all I was trying to say. Don't know why I kept going on about oily vaginas. Sorry about that.

Happy New Year!


trinamick said...

At least your spammers have more than one interest. Mine just kept offering opportunities to increase the size of organs I don't have. Do they know something I don't?

Sylvana said...

Remember when things were so good in this nation that our biggest worry was whether or not our president got a blow job? Sigh. Good times.
That is a perfect way to describe the 90s and the whole blow job blow up. Thank you for that.

I HATE word verification. How the hell am I supposed to get the word out about love spells and enlargemnet solutions?

But seriously, I do hate WV. It always takes me three-five times longer than to post a comment when people use that crap. You were one of my last hold outs! Damn spammers!

SJ said...

I hope I never, ever have to see oily vaginas.

Farrago said...

You mean, if I open the ones that say such things as "whisper theocracy underwear," I'll see oily vaginas?!

What the hell was I THINKING deleting those things?!

Anybody know how to retrieve dumped e-mail....since 2001?