Friday, January 25, 2008

R.I.P. Tom Cruise Heath Ledger

Poor Heath Ledger. Like it wasn't bad enough that his tragic death had to be somehow tied to one of the Olsen twins, now he's getting dissed by Google.

Some bored Googlers unearthed an odd bug in Google Translate, where translating "Heath Ledger" from English to Spanish would convert his name to "Tom Cruise."

Of course, Nobel Prize winner Al Gore's Internet was abuzz and it was only a matter of time before Google became aware of the issue and fixed it. So now, Heath is no longer in danger of being confused for a closeted couch-hopping maniacal Scientologist, and his spirit can rest in peace.

At least until Mary Kate Olsen starts doing the talk show circuit.


John said...

I just tried a few other sayings. Most other names remained unchained from English to Spanish, but for some reason "Crap McGee" became "Guillermo McGee." I tried it again a few minutes later, and it went back to normal. It was very odd. I'll have to try it again.

John said...

Okay, try "Holy cow, it's famed orator Crap Phillips!" And if it doesn't work, substitute a different last name.

Professor said...

What a better world it would be had it been Tom Cruise instead of Heath Ledger

Farrago said...

The interesting thing about translators is that you don't really know if the translation makes any sense in the language to which it is translating. If you did, then you wouldn't need the translator.