Friday, January 11, 2008

Keep Watching the Skies!

Actual excerpts from Essentials of Survival: Emergency Action to Save Lives, a pamphlet published by the Dallas City-County Civil Defense and Disaster Commission in 1958.

Civil Defense will prevent us from becoming a panic-stricken mob of people, unable to organize and fight back immediately after such an attack. Civil Defense will keep us alive, alert, and organized -- able to hit hard and fast as this Nation of 170 million people has shown the world it is able to do under our democratic way of life.
When the only way an atomic bomb could be dropped on our Country was from an airplane, we might have had sufficient warning time to evacuate our City. With the perfection of Intercontinental missiles and missiles launched from submarines, our warning time may be cut to zero.

Therefore the Mayor contemplates he will give no "order" for everyone to evacuate the City.

Certain "essential citizens" will have to remain to conduct the business of law enforcement, rescue, medical attention, public utilities and like services. Other citizens, including many women and children can make their plans to leave the City should information over Conelrad indicate the probability of an attack.
Lie flat on ground. Pick a gutter, ditch, or a curb. Protect head and neck with your arms. Remain until shock wave has passed. Move quickly to nearest protection from "fallout" -- a building, basement, your home or other shelter.
Communism is a way of existence in a total socialist state, such as the U.S.S.R. It is an ideology which results in slavery under a system of terror imposed by a Communist dictator government. It is a device by which the International Communist Conspiracy intends to rule the world. Communists want America. They want your property and you.

Although there are scores of books written by Communists and others on the theory, philosophy and ideology of Communism, it all boils down to this:

The Communists pretend they will make the world over into a paradise of materialism, in which each man will share according to his needs.
  • By promising a Materialistic heaven on earth they appeal to the Godless.
  • By stressing science they interest the unwary intellectual.
  • By promising security they capture the mind of the poor.
  • By pretending to Champion the Underprivileged they ensnare the idealistic.
  • By promising something for nothing they win the support of the shiftless.
The Communist Party U.S.A. operates in the open and also underground. The open party is not very large nationally, having a total of perhaps 15,000 dues-paying members. They purposely limit their hard core membership to keep tight control among the dedicated revolutionaries. However, there are many thousands of fellow travelers, pinks, fifth columnists, Communist Front Members and others who are in the Communist orbit and who could not be counted on for loyalty to our government in time of Communist threat. These are people very dangerous to our country. Many are disgruntled with their state of life. Many are opportunists. Many are intellectuals who are soft on Communism for reasons known only to themselves.

The underground Communist organization is composed of spies, saboteurs, couriers and others who can work themselves into strategic positions in government, industry, art, unions, news media, school systems, entertainment, Religious organizations and civic groups. In fact practically every phase of American life has been infiltrated by Communists or Communist sympathizers.
The principles of Americanism that have made this Country the greatest in the world are:
  • A belief in God
  • Freedom of the individual
  • Private Enterprise System of Economy -- the right to own property and work for reward
  • Representative Republic System of Government where the government is the protector of the individual under the Constitution
  • Determination of policy by persuasion and not by force.
With God's help America will remain a land where people still know how to be free and brave.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking our country will probably make great strides in international diplomacy once we finally get someone into office who didn't grow up reading this shit.

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