Tuesday, February 14, 2006

All Good Things...

Looks like my job is coming to an end on March 31st.

I've been doing contract tech support for Netherland, Sewell & Associates, a petroleum consulting firm here in Dallas. Originally it was just supposed to be a one month gig, but they kept extending my contract and I kept signing on for another month or two.

But my boss just told me that, when my current contract expires at the end of March, they won't be needing me anymore. Their busy season ends in March, and she just can't justify keeping me on the payroll during the slow months.

She said she'd be flexible about my hours, so I could look for something else. She also said that I could take off before March 31st if something better came along. All in all, she's being a real mensch.

I can't say I'm surprised. I mean, it's the nature of contract work. And what was supposed to be a one month job did stretch out to seven, so the last six months have pretty much been a bonus.

I'm not even all that worried about finding something else. I turned down several contract jobs while this one was going on, so once I start looking again, I'm sure something will turn up.

But still, I am a little disappointed. I like this company, and I've really come to like the people. I've made a lot of friends here, and I'm going to miss working with them every day. The work was fun, the hours were great, and the pay was... well, it was a living, anyway.

Oh, well. C'est la vie. Que sera sera. Shit happens.


Speaking of March 31st, my play (originally slated for the end of March) has been moved to July 7th. It seems the Pocket Sandwich Theatre had somebody in mind to direct it, but he won't be available until sometime in May.

But they've listed the play and they've scheduled auditions. And I'm still giddy as hell about the whole thing.

Now if I could just write 250 of these things a year, I wouldn't need another job!


Farrago said...

So, why don't you ask them for a full-time gig? Maybe modify your duties and include you current, contracted ones as they're needed?

Congrats on the play. If I lived in Dallas, I'd go audition for it. That is, if I had the free time like I used to, I'd audtition.

Care to give us a synopsis?

Irb said...

Sadly, they don't need me full-time or part-time. They probably won't need me again until next August, when their busy season hits.

The play is a melodrama (featuring heroes to make you cheer, villains to make you hiss, damsels to make you sigh, and lots and lots of really bad jokes). The gimmick at Pocket Sandwich Theater is that you buy baskets of popcorn and you hurl it at the actors during the performance.

It's called Escape from Stalag 18 - The Melodrama, and it's sorta Stalag 17 meets The Great Escape while Patton and Casablanca look on. It's family friendly and (so I've been told) really goddamn funny.

But I guess we'll see in July :)