Monday, May 17, 2004

Germans Love David Hasselhoff... AND ME!

So just out of curiousity, I did a Google search on Generika Adventures. For those of you who have managed to successfully tune me out for the past couple of months, Generika Adventures is an online comic written by me and drawn by the sexy and nubile Errol "Maximus" Pinto.

Anyway, one of the hits was a German board devoted to Neverwinter Nights. I don't speak German, but of course I was excited to see my name mentioned in such close proximity to "Calvin and Hobbes."

Being the curious little ass-monkey that I am, I ran the page through Babelfish. And I still have no idea what the hell those cagey Germans are talking about, but I'm assuming they meant it in a nice way.

Who missed it lately NWVault, which definite Website for Neverwinter Nights, an attendance abzustatten, which I would like to refer to the Comic "Generika Adventures" from Maximus and Chris Irby, which draws our loved play unrestrainedly by the cocoa. Today by the way is the 25. Consequence of the Cartoons appeared. The class of "Dailors of merry world of the game of roles" or a "Calvin and a Hobbes" is also graphically not reached above all, but the side is nevertheless always worth an attendance.

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