Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hi Mom!

We were on our way back from my stepsister's funeral when my mom and I decided to stop and grab some lunch. We really hadn't seen much of each other since our last silly argument, which had left both of us pretty sour (and had resulted in my unfortunately venemous post on Sunday). So over spring rolls and Kung Pao chicken, we both started apologizing.

We were laughing about the whole thing, and Mom offered me a rather back-handed compliment. She said she really enjoyed "discussing" things with me, and she was impressed that I always seemed to have my facts straight. (Not always, I'll admit... sometimes I just bluff really well.) Anyway, she said it was really good to see me fired up about something, "even if your principles are a little misguided."

The whole thing got me to thinking about my post on Sunday, and how it was so unnecessarily hostile towards her. I had written it while I was still fuming about the "my opinion is different than yours, so get over it" crack, and my point was likely lost amidst a bunch of grumbling.

Oddly, that was the first of my posts to receive any comments from strangers. The first came from some guy with a blog that basically regurgitates articles from Bush apologists. And of course, he took exception to my points that: 1) Bush refuses to admit that he's wrong about anything, and 2) Republicans seem to think that the economy will get better and America will be safer if they just keep saying it over and over again.

His counterarguments were: 1) Bush has never been wrong, so he has nothing to admit, and 2) The economy is getting better and America is safer.

That's about 300% more irony than you'll find in any Alanis Morissette song.

But those points aside, I really regret the tone of Sunday's post. My mother is a remarkably intelligent and independent woman. She raised me and my sister as a single mom, working long hours to keep us fed and happy. She's survived a couple of unfortunate marriages, and come through them stronger and more determined. She has always been supportive of me, even when I wasn't making the best or most informed decisions. She saw me through some rough times in college, and she was there for me when I was dealing with my father's death. If it weren't for her, I have no idea where I'd be today. Probably hopped up on crystal meth and hosting a conservative radio talk show...

So Mom, if by some strange turn of events you should find yourself reading this, then I hope you know that I love you dearly and have nothing but the utmost respect for your opinions and beliefs.

Even if they are a little misguided ;-)


Jeff said...

You're getting a lot of traffic from me. :)

My best to your mom. She sounds like a great lady.

But you had to drag me into this. Please pay closer attention. I think this is your Mom's frustration. You don't listen. You hear what you want to hear, and your reasoning is emotional and muddled. You don't realize it but you are guilty of gross psychological projection. The irony is, that no matter how many reports of the growing economy come in, folks like you will continue to chant denial. It's actually scary.

And again, I never said Bush was never wrong, BUSH did. And if he believes it, why should he be so schizophrenic as to admit he's wrong when he believes otherwise?

Irb said...

And no matter how many reports of a stagnant economy, a dwindling job market, or a history-making deficit come pouring in, people like you will continue to insist that Bush has miraculously saved us all.

The fact that anybody aside from our wealthiest 1% thinks Bush is good for the economy is scary to me. But hey. Whatever floats your boat.