Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Nerds Mourn Marlon

I write Generika Adventures, an online comic based on Dungeons & Dragons. The target audience is geeks with a sense of humor, which is a decidedly narrow demographic. However, I didn’t realize just how narrow until last week.

The following exchange was posted to the Generika Adventures board on July 2, the day Marlon Brando died.

Posted by: Chris “Irb” Irby
Marlon Brando? Dead?


God, I can’t believe he’s really dead! He was truly one of the greatest actors of all time!

His work in White Chicks was just brilliant, and he brought to life the nuanced character of Snails in Dungeons & Dragons.

Oh, Marlon. We barely knew ye. Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Posted by: =^.^=
I seriously hope he’s joking… I really hate stupid people. There’s a big difference between a skinny black guy and a fat white guy.

Posted by: Chris “Irb” Irby
Please. There’s no need for name calling. At a time like this, we need to put aside our personal differences and show our support for Damon, Shawn, and Keenen Ivory Brando.

Posted by: Anonymous
hey irb you are clearly a simpleton with no appreciation of film because then you'd know marlon brando kicks ass and the examples you pointed out were just some of the worst movies of all time

jesus even sean connery got stuck with shit that had lines like "YOU'RE THE MAN NOW DAWG" every now and then. why dont you go watch some of brando's real films and then open your mouth about the film medium

Posted by: Chris “Irb” Irby
I was just kidding, genius. Of course I know who Marlon Brando was! She was brilliant in “That Girl,” and I really loved her as Rachel’s mom in “Friends.”

I didn’t get a reply to that, so I can only assume Mr. Anonymous Movie Buff’s mom made him get off the computer for the night. Or maybe he fell asleep while masturbating to the buttered Marlon Brando scene in Last Tango in Paris.

But I guess it’s a good thing the thread ended before I was reduced to making Marlin Perkins jokes.

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