Monday, August 11, 2008

Anyone Still Out There?

Hey there. I'm back. Usually, when I return after a lengthy hiatus, I put up a hilarious cartoon of Morbidly Obese Jesus, and I go into exquisite detail about what I've been up to over the ensuing months. But seriously, who has the time?

So, for any inquiring minds out there, I'll tell you the following:

1. Stephanie and I are still together and it's going great. We're in love, and nerd love is the purest and most wholesome kind of love there is.

2. The play that Sean and I wrote last year, Captain Phantasm vs. the Nefarious Dr. Noir: A Melodramatic Serial in Three Parts, will probably be in Pocket Sandwich Theatre's 2009 lineup. Wooohoooo!

3. I'm still contracting for an online directory service whose name I can't mention for fear that their corporate image would be irreparable damaged if they were affiliated with a blog of such low moral character. They recently laid off a buttload of people, but somehow I dodged that bullet. My contract runs until the end of September, and my boss is hoping to get it extended.

4. Speaking of blogs of low moral character, I just started a new site that focuses on Jack Chick and his hilarious fundamentalist Chick tracts. Check out Jack Chick's Funnybook Gospel (or How I Learned To Stop Thinking and Love the Lord).

And that's it! I missed you guys! And if you're reading this right now, then I missed *you* most of all. Just don't tell the others. They'll get jealous.

Aw, hell. Why not?


Zoltan said...

Glad you're back!
And really glad you're doing so well.

I've read almost the entire blog, but I have a strange aversion towards posting comments on old blog posts... I should probably get around that.

All I can say is - Great blog, and looking forward for more posts!

Farrago said...

Despite the fact that you've given a fairly clear description of your existence since your last post, WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?!




When you get a "three-'FUCKS'" comment, you know you've been bad.

Otherwise... Hey, what's up?

Irb said...

Zoltan: Glad to be back! And thanks for stumbling back in to the digitally replicated tortured labyrinthine contortions of my inner psychic dungeons.

Farrago: You know how sometimes you'll go a while without calling your grandparents? And then, you reach a point where you're actually afraid to call because you know they're going to scold you for waiting so long before calling? So you just keep putting it off, and it just keeps getting worse and worse, until finally they call you and they're all pissed off because you never call them and they think you're a hateful, ungrateful little bastard who doesn't appreciate all their hard work and sacrifices?

Well, sometimes blogging is kind of like that.

Missed you, F-Dawg! I'm on my way over to your digs to play blog catch up!

Professor said...

You're here! you're here! OMG- I don't believe it! Glad to have you back and glad all is well! Hope to see you around more. Even if you do nothing than stick up a tacky meme (And I'm the Goddess of Tacky Memes, thank you very much!) Just great to have you back.

And if you need blog fodder ideas- your Italy trip... this is the longest cliffhanger in history!

Welcome back dear!

Zoltan said...

Hey, how could I resist digitally replicated tortured labyrinthine contortions of someone's inner psychic dungeons?
You just can't say no to that!

Irb said...

Professor: First off, I love your icon. I'm assuming it's a candid shot that was taken of you while you were writing about me in your diary ;-)

I *finally* got all my Rome pics uploaded to Snapfish last week, so I can finally get around to writing about my arduous, life-altering European voyage. Plus, hey! Naked statues!


Professor said...

Honey- you bet that is me writing about you! :kisses* and I can't wait to see your nekkid pictures! Of statues, of course! ;)

scarletvirago said...

Dude! Welcome back! I'd like to go on about how much I missed you and worried you'd never come back and wondered if maybe you'd decided to chuck us free loading sons o' bitches for a paying gig (a la Pop's Bucket -rip), but that might delay you from posting something witty and amusing.

So get crackin'. You got a lot of time to make up for!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you will dig this, my friend. I love the new blog.
9 short film!
Adapted from the actual Chick Tracts!
"Bewitched?" "Angels?" "Party Girl" "Doom Town" "Wounded Children" "Titanic" "Cleo" "Somebody Goofed" “The Thief” "The Little Princess" “One Way” “This Was Your Life”
You must check it out!!!!