Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rest Assured: We Are Not "Anti-Vaccine"

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, my nephews Luke and Campbell were diagnosed as autistic back in January 2008. My sister Sunny, always one for due diligence, has done some extensive research and now believes that aggressive vaccination schedules played a part in their condition.

I've seen people summarily dismiss these allegations because they can't be bothered to check the facts for themselves, and they can't believe that pharmaceutical companies would EVER act with anything other than the public's best interest in mind.

Anyway, Sunny's arguments are far more reasonable and eloquent than mine, so please do her the service of reading her post. Thank you.


Rest Assured: We Are Not "Anti-Vaccine"

We believe that vaccines are necessary to ward off the dangerous childhood diseases. But we also know that the current schedule that most parents (including us) follow blindly has many flaws and risks that doctors are not discussing with parents. Since the CDC and AAP refuse to acknowledge the real risks and create a safer schedule for our kids, you have to figure it out on your own. You do have options. Learn from our mistakes---do your homework and use an alternative schedule that best protects your child from unnecessary risks.

Watch this video w/ Dr. David Berger discussing several of the flaws with the current schedule and the desperately needed changes the AAP and CDC have refused to make to the schedule:

(It's surprising---yet very encouraging---that he actually got some air-time with this message! =))

In the 80's-to-early-90's, the vaccine schedule (which DID vaccinate against the more serious illnesses like measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis (whooping cough), and polio) was administered with much more care. Look at the differences between the 80's schedule and 2007's schedule.


* The autism rate with the old schedule was 1 in 10,000 (Autism was considered extremely rare). the rate today is estimated at more than 1 in 100 (it's increased 100-fold!). In addition to Autism, chronic childhood illnesses like asthma, ADD, ADHD, diabetes, seizure disorders, life-threatening food allergies, etc. have sky-rocketed. These illnesses were also extremely rare (some even unheard-of) before the vaccine schedule tripled. (Think back to when we were in school...our school nurses didn't spend the majority of their day administering meds or maintaining epi-pens in case of allergic shock like they do today)

* The former shot schedule started at 2 mos. (not in utero or at birth like they do now), so the babies' immune systems had more time to develop before their systems were shocked;

* The former schedule DID NOT recommend flu vaccines. Today's schedule recommends SEVEN during early childhood, and they start in utero. As Dr. Berger noted, in addition to being a LIVE VIRUS vaccine, the flu shots still contain 25 mcg of MERCURY, so when you hear on the news that thimerosal has been removed from vaccines, please know, that's not entirely true (it's also still in the tetanus shots, and in "trace" levels in several others---but even "traces" of neuro-toxins can cause damage---the EPA has established this). The AAP and CDC have acknowledged that mercury is a known-neuro-toxin, that it is known to be especially harmful to developing brains in babies and especially harmful to fetuses. HOWEVER, the same AAP and CDC still recommends the mercury-containing flu shot for pregnant women and babies (as early as 6 mos. old). And, as many of you have heard me say, the actual package insert from the flu vaccine reads (under warnings): "SAFETY AND EFFECTIVENESS HAVE NOT BEEN ESTABLISHED FOR PREGNANT OR LACTATING WOMEN OR FOR PEDIATRIC OR GERIATRIC POPULATIONS." So, obviously, the necessary safety studies have NOT been done for administering a flu shot to pregnant women or babies. The misinformation being given about the flu shot (and the fact that it's even on the recommended schedule---indicating it's been tested for safety) is deplorable.

* The former schedule did not administer 5, 6, 7, and even 9! shots in one visit. THE FDA, CDC, AAP HAVE NEVER STUDIED THE EFFECTS OF GIVING MULTIPLE VACCINES IN ONE SITTING---they just went ahead and made it common practice, and when childhood reactions started happening much more frequently, they just sank into denial and have conveniently stayed there.

* The MMR, which has been the noted "trigger" according to thousands of parents with Autistic kids IS on the old schedule---HOWEVER, today, kids have already received 25-28 OTHER vaccines (meaning their systems have already been SHOCKED 25 -28 times) before they get their MMR, so they are weaker today before they even get to the MMR and many, many kids have not been able to handle this heavy-duty, live-virus vaccine after the onslaught of the other shots. In the former schedule, the kids had a more developed immune system before shots began, and they received considerably fewer shots before the MMR, so their bodies were better prepared to handle it. ALSO, today the MMR is given in conjunction with the Chickenpox vax, Hep A, another HIB, another PCV---so the viral load (especially considering the "weight" of the live-virus MMR) at the 12 month visit is HUGE. The former schedule administered ONLY the MMR---and it was at 15 months instead of 12.

* Many of the vaccines that have been added are not for dangerous illnesses (chickenpox, rotavirus (aka diarrhea), etc.) and some have risk factors so small, they clearly don't out-weigh the risks of vaccinating against them...Case in point: Hep B. Hep B is sexually transmitted or transmitted through IV needles, yet our babies are vaccinated against it beginning at birth and continuing w/ several more doses throughout the next 6 mos. If the mother is not a carrier of Hep B (and the majority of moms are not), the baby is said to not be at risk---yet this shot was added to the schedule without regard to some babies' inability to handle shocks to their immune system at birth. There have been substantiated reports of death caused by Hep B at birth, and in February of this year, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program awarded a family damages b/c the Hep B booster caused MS, and ultimately death, in a woman in her 30's (copy of court's ruling here).

These stories should make the news, but they don't...

BOTTOM LINE: What was wrong with the OLD SCHEDULE??? The vaccines against the truly dangerous childhood diseases were on that schedule---and it was administered much more carefully. Where were the deadly chickenpox or Hep B or rotavirus or flu epidemics in the early 90's that required this onslaught of vaccines being added to the schedule---and needing to begin at birth no less??? Sadly, the answer is that the vaccine business is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry now. And the government's committee that recommends the schedule is full of people with direct financial stakes in the pharmaceutical industry. They have the unique ability to forcibly create a huge market for their own product... all in the name of "saving lives". At the end of the day, this whole mess is disgustingly about $$$.

If I had a baby today, I would go back to the '83 schedule in a heartbeat. I would take living through the chickenpox for a week over living with Autism for the rest of your life any day.

To end on a happier note, I say this: We KNOW that environmental toxins (including vaccines) caused our boys' Autism. One way we know is because, as we treat their underlying medical issues (including "detoxing" them from the viruses and preservatives and adjuvants in the shots), they are making GREAT PROGRESS! Thousands and thousands of children have recovered from Autism. If it were a purely genetic brain disorder (as the CDC and AAP would have us believe), then children would not be getting better. We don't know what God's ultimate plans for our boys include, but we are full of hope for their recovery. We feel so blessed to have found the resources to treat Luke and Campbell and we feel obligated and honored to share our experience with others in case it could help them, or someone they love, avoid this path!


With HOPE =),